Wed 2 Oct (Workshop), Mon 14 Oct (Video)

Hong Kong

Learn an awesome solo jazz routine, perform and be part of a global collaboration to honour the Queen of Swing, Norma Miller!


In this session Joy will teach the Trickeration routine from the beginning. If there is demand, we will run a separate corner (simultaneous) for review/troubleshooting for people who have already learned the routine.

You can join even if you missed the last session we held!

DATE CHANGE for Performance & Video – Mon Oct 14 at Fringe Club (Oct 7 cancelled)

HK$280 for 1 Part/ $500 for attending both Parts
20% of the proceeds will be donated to the Frankie Manning Foundation


Song: Jive at Five by Count Basie

More info:
Global Trickeration Project ~ Honoring the life of Norma Miller
Norma Miller ~ Global Stories Project

Be inspired by Norma’s incredible life, legacy and love for Lindy Hop and swing music around the world!

Here’s an Asia-wide project we contributed to as a tribute to Frankie Manning’s 100th birthday in 2014:

The Trickeration routine as it was taught by Norma, is a routine that Norma “borrowed” from the chorus dancers at Harlem’s Apollo Theatre, probably in the mid to late 1930’s. The piece of the routine that Norma used and taught is only a part of a larger original routine that has been lost to time.

Although not much is known about its exact origins, it’s easy to assume that it may have had a connection to the Cotton Club, as Cab Calloway was the house band there and in 1927 had a song called “Trickeration.”

Norma referred to this piece of the routine as “the last example of the great and true jazz done by the chorus girls of Harlem”. It has earned its rightful place in the canon of iconic jazz dances associated with the legends of the Savoy Ballroom and Harlem.

Sat 26 Oct – Sun 27 Oct


We are having the pleasure to invite you for a weekend of fun with Fabien!


Steam studio, 4F Si Toi Commercial Building, Queen St, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong

‘Saturday October 26th 2019: Slow to Fast Dancing’
Gear up to be able to look and feel awesome no matter at what speed you are dancing to!

4pm to 6pm: Slow Dancing: learn some fun and cool patterns and learn to enjoy this tempo!
level: open from L1+ (should have done at least L1 8 count and L1 Charleston classes)

6pm to 8pm: Fast dancing / Charleston: believe it or not, you can fast dance and stay relaxed! Polish your swingout and earn some fun Charleston combinations and learn how to speed it up!
level: open from L1+ (should have done at least L1 8 count and L1 Charleston)

‘Sunday October 27th 2019: Treats and tricks!’

4pm to 5 pm: Tricks: learn some move to impress your partner and friends!
level: open from L2+ (should have done all L1 classes and at least 2 L2 cycles)

5pm to 6:30pm : Baby Aerials: some easy aerials that you can easily learn and that will help you fly with very little experience.
level: open from L1+ (should have done at least L1 8 count and L1 Charleston classes)

6:30pm to 8pm : Aerials II : more sportive aerials to get a dose of adrenaline!
level: open from L1+ (should have done at least L1 8 count and L1 Charleston classes)
Prerequite: must have done the Baby Aerial class first.

* Full cycle (2 days workshop): 900 HKD / 800 HKD if registered with a partner
* 1 day workshop: 500 HKD / 450 HKD if registered with a partner
* Aerials only: 400 HKD / 350 HKD if registered with a partner
* 300 HKD per class / 200 HKD for trick class only

More about Fabien:
Fabien started dancing the same way most of us did, practicing his steps over and over again in his living room (when he had one). Through many hours of practice, learning, teaching, and competing, he has become passionate dancer and experienced teacher.

For competitions in Lindy hop, he has placed in Camp Hollywood, Savoy Cup, and ILHC. In Blues, he has seen success in Berlin Blues Explosion, Blueshout, and ESDC. Fabien has also choreographed a number of routines, both with teams or couples. He is also on the lookout for more inspiration, and uses his experience to help train many other dancers for competitions and teaching.

Since 2005, Fabien has been dancing almost every day. Deciding to pursue a dance career in teaching in 2011. He teaches locally in Grenoble (France) and Geneva (Switzerland). But has also traveled all over the world spreading his dance knowledge. He always brings something new to wherever he teaches, from connection and moves, to musicality and rhythm.

Well known for his partnership with Lisa Clarke, he has also taught with many other great dancers such as Elise Klein (France), Dawa Jung (Korea), and Marie (France).

Constantly pushing himself in his own dancing means he understands the work that goes into becoming a better dancer. He also knows that dancing is just dancing, and that there is no reason not to have fun while improving yourself at the same time.