Studio Classes



Viva Dance, 9/F Dawning House, 145 Connaught Road Central, Sheung Wan

FRIDAY (Solo Jazz course) at

STEAM, 4/F, Si Toi Commercial Building, Queen’s Road Central, Sheung Wan

Our classes break down Lindy Hop into modules just for organisation purposes. You can take them in any order, but you should take the required modules in a level before moving up to the next level. Don’t rush. Enjoy the journey!


Learn more about our L1 topics

No experience or partner required. The idea of this course is to provide solid fundamentals and from your very first class, go to a social to dance, and also to create a solid foundation upon which to continue learning.

L1 6 count 8.30-9.30pm – Thursdays@VIVA– Feb 20, 27, Mar 5, 12, 19 – sign up is open

L1 Charleston 8.30-9.45pm – Thursdays@VIVA – Mar 26, Apr 2, 9, 16 – sign up opens end Feb

You can start with any L1 topic and take them in any order. Want to review your basics? Retake the same L1 module at a discount (eg. Taken L1 Charleston, repeat L1 Charleston at discount).


Learn more about our L2 topics. Some L2 modules require you to have taken certain L1 topics.

L2 6 & 8 Count Combinations 7.15-8.30pm – Thursdays@VIVA – Mar 26, Apr 2, 9, 16 – sign up opens end Feb

Want to review your basics? Retake the same L2 module at a discount (eg. Taken L2 Working Your Swingout, repeat L2 Working Your Swingout at discount).


Learn more about our L3 topics


Solo Jazz Series (Open Level) with Karen – Feb 7, 21, 28, Mar 13 (Fridays 8-9pm right before our social dance) at STEAM, 4/F, Si Toi Commercial Building, Queen’s Road Central, Sheung Wan – signup is open!

$600 for 4 weeks or $180 per drop in class (entry to social is not included)

Solo Jazz is fun to do! Work on your body movement, body awareness, confidence and gain repertoire. This course will focus on exploring and creating steps by playing with shape, direction and rhythm, and give you a direction for your self practice. We’ll form an optional homework group to share/submit stuff between classes. Plus, it’s a warm up for Willie Lin Solo Jazz Workshop!

This course is open level but it’s advantageous to have done solo jazz or lindy hop before. If you’ve never done solo jazz before, a good start is to have a go at learning the Shim Sham beforehand (many tutorials on YouTube).

Why Solo Jazz?*
Jazz steps and solo movement are an important part of the historic roots of Lindy Hop that is often overlooked among new dancers. Whether utilized to show off during an individual “shine” moment, or danced with a partner in a lead and follow manner, jazz steps are great for decorating and embellishing your dancing…like sprinkles on a cake.

There are many reasons to learn jazz steps and routines, including:
– you can dance them even if you don’t have partner at the moment
– practicing individual movements helps improve your balance, coordination and quality of movement which help greatly when partner dancing too
– learning, experiencing and preserving the historic roots of the dance
– becoming familiar with common rhythms and syncopation of jazz and swing dancing
– it can be a good workout
– they’re FUN


Balboa Intensive Series (Open Level) with Brendan & Hoi Kin – Feb 20-Mar 9 (Thurs 7.30-8.30pm) at Viva – signup is open!

Not enough space on a crowded dance floor? Running out of breath swinging above 200BPM? Or simply wanna try something new? Then why not get your bal-swing on!

Balboa is a partner dance which is part of the swing family! Born in 1920s California, balboa is characterized by a close embrace and its suitability for faster tempos.

In its original form, pure balboa is danced entirely in a chest-to-chest closed connection without any spins and turns. Brendan and Hoi Kin will make use of pure balboa to teach the fundamentals and basics
of this dance, but will also be heavily exploring bal-swing which breaks the closed hold and allows for more variations.

This is an open level course, although having swing/lindy hop experience would be advantageous. This course is perfect for those who took our beginner bal-swing class in Nov/Dec 2018 or Leru’s balboa workshop in July 2019 as we will be quickly reviewing the basics before moving on to additional and new material.
The course is also perfectly timed to lead up to the MY Balboa Weekend event in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on 20-22 March (, which will have classes suitable for all levels. We hope you’ll come explore this wonderful dance and join us in KL at the end of the course!

$200 per drop-in class or $680 for the full course
*no drop-ins after the first class unless you already know how to do balboa basic steps*

Class Pricing

5-week courses (each class 1 hour): $680 full course / Drop in $200 (no drop ins after week 2 unless otherwise specified)

4-week courses (each class 1 hour 15 minutes): $680 full course /Drop in $230 (no drop ins after week 1 unless otherwise specified)

As classes are progressive, we strongly encourage you to take the full course. If you have personal difficulty committing to the full course after our drop-in period, please send us an email or speak to your teachers so we can work it out with you.

Retake Discount for L1 and L2: Want to get those concepts rock-solid? Retake the same course for just $400! (from Apr 19 2016)