Sharon & Ron: A Healthy Dancer’s Way to Groove

Oct 28-29, 2017

lights, camera, action!

Two main themes: 1) feeling the music, and 2) taking care of your body for dance through fitness and injury prevention, so that you’ll be feeling good dancing for years to come – super important for every dancer!

Ron and Sharon’s fun and challenging classes aim to create new insights in your dancing. Focusing on various elements of communication between partners, their classes will provide you with new ways to create more harmonic and inspiring dances. Their ability to simplify complicated concepts through a clear class buildup will provide you with practical ways for improvement. They create a solid understanding and fast implementation of the material and inspire you with new ideas for further exploration. Ron and Sharon teach regularly in Europe and at Holy Lindy Land – Swing Dancing School, as well as all over Israel.

Workshop will be at Danzstage, 20/F, 148 Electric Rd, Tin Hau

Sat Oct 28

2-3pm – Groove, Feel & Swag (All Level)
Understand the concept of groove and how the rhythms in the music make us move our body. Learn to adjust your choices in the dance to the different atmospheres songs create and also bring your own personality on top!

3-4pm – Rhythm Games (All Level)
Understand what is Rhythm, learn to express it on your own with your body, and learn how to put it into your social dance – while being like another instrument and add to the music. A very fun & energetic workshop where we are creating fun “social solo” dance games, exploring different rhythms and communicating them with our partners.

4-5pm – Slow Lindy – Dancing Between the Beats (Int-Adv)
When the music gets slower, we have much more time to fill between the beats. In this class, we will work on specific tools to get more options and variety in slower songs – while creating a relaxed and flowing dance.

Sun Oct 29

2-3.10pm – Communication Layers (All Level)
In this class we will explore different communication layers we have in the dance – Physical, Visual & Musical. We will also explore the options we have both as leaders and followers to create a true conversation in the dance, that goes in both directions between leaders and followers.

3.15-5pm – Healthy Habits for Dancers (All Level)
A special class dedicated to fitness exercises & Injury prevention especially for swing dancers. We will get a better understanding of how our body works and how we can take care of it – to dance comfortably whenever we want. How should we warm up? How to stretch and when? What exercises can we do with no special equipment and minimum time, and more.