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UPCOMING PRACTICES at Chit Chat Studio, 7A, Tak Cheung Building, 22-24 Wing Lok St, Sheung Wan:

Sun Feb 2, 3-5pm
Sun Feb 9, 3-5pm (Guided practice, see below)*

This is a great time to work on your dancing!

Please note that if you attend a practice you are expected to share the room costs. If you organize a practice, please post to include place, date and time clearly so other dancers may join you!

GuideD practice (1) 

Want to practice lindy hop, but not sure where to start, what to work on, or how to do it?

Guided Practice means you will come prepared with a practice plan with 2-3 specific tasks that you want to practice within 1.5 hours.

You will practice your tasks on your own, but Karen will be available to help you to:
– find or refine specific goals (or add to/change your practice plan if needed)
– point you to resources
– form groups to practice similar things
– answer questions or snags on things you’ve tried to work on

At the beginning we will do a warm up together and at the end a stretch, both of which you can use for your own practices. I’ll also have ideas up for you to structure your own practice and plan your homework/ next practices. This is meant to be a starting point for you to create a habit of practicing regularly!

Come prepared!
1) Fill out a practice plan, bring it with you. You can change it later if you need to. At least 1-2 of the 3 tasks should be solo. (You could try the template at: ).

2) Bring headphones and music if you can, so you can control and dance to your own music, videos etc.

Cost: $50 per person
Max capacity: 15

Sign up at

If you sign up and can’t make it, please let Karen know!