Code of Conduct

We are a community which strives to be supportive, welcoming, and friendly to all people from all walks of life. By connecting and including everyone, we hope that people leave our events excited about swing dance and music. Everyone attending our events is expected to read and follow the guidelines below.

Floor Safety

Dance floors are often crowded. Be aware of the space around you, and have care for your partner, those around you on the dance floor, and the staff and other patrons of the venue.  When bumps happen, a simple apology is appropriate.

Air steps (aerials) and dips that involve:

1) a dancer’s head being closer to the ground than the dancer’s feet;
2) a dancer to assume a position in which the dancer cannot support their own weight;
3) endangerment of either the dancers conducting the movement or persons nearby,

are strictly forbidden on the social dance floor. Save them for responsible execution in jams, competitions or performances.

Anyone can ask anyone to dance, and anyone can say no to a dance. Do be polite when asking, accepting or declining a dance.

Try not to give unsolicited dance advice on the social floor.

Support Venues

Many of our events are held in restaurants and bars and have no cover charge. Please support venues by buying at least one food or drink item per person per event. Outside food and drinks are strictly forbidden. Failing to support venues means the whole community pays – mandatory cover charges or even losing the event.


While we encourage you to buy drinks and have fun, please drink responsibly.


Treat everyone with respect. At no point should a dancer feel harassed. This may include inappropriate physical contact and any other unwelcome attention, unsolicited photo taking, video recording, stalking, intimidation, verbal abuse, or inappropriate comments about one’s appearance or dress.

Need Help?

If you feel unsafe during a dance or are being harmed, it is acceptable to inform the person of your concerns and/or end the dance early.

Event organizers will attend to all concerns brought forward with care and discretion, according to the needs and wishes of the concerned party and the severity of the concern. Event organizers may take any action they deem appropriate, including warning the offender or expulsion from the event with no refund.

If you experience, witness, or hear of a violation of this code, or an instance of behaviour causes you concern or doesn’t feel right, there are a number of things you can do:

Speak to one of our HK Swings organisers Karen Tong (Chinese and English) or Philippe (English).

Speak to a friend or someone you’re comfortable with, and ask them to 1) join you in speaking with a HK Swings organiser; or 2) speak to them on your behalf.

Email or report it to us via the Contact Form on our website.