Anne-Helene & Bernard Weekend

May 19-20, 2018


Anne-Helene and Bernard are well known as top international teachers. In their dancing, they are noted for their emphasis on musicality and connection, their fluid style and the originality of their variations. (Anne-Helene was previously a classical and jazz dancer and Bernard is a jazz and blues musician!)

In their teaching, they offer new ways of explanations, exercises and moves to make the dance easier and more comfortable, creating a super comfortable atmosphere in class with a lot of humour and cheerfulness. They are very accessible and happy to talk about dancing and happy to dance with everyone during parties.

The couple have run their own “Studio Hop” dance school in Toulouse, France since 2001, and teach every evening Lindy hop, Balboa, Charleston, Jazz roots and Blues in a relaxed and fun atmosphere. They also choreograph for their own award-winning troupe “The Tagada Swing Swing” and organize large workshops and festivals including Studio Hop Summer Camp, Frenchie Balboa Festival, Crazy Rhythm Challenge and Hot Blues.

Workshop details and sign up coming soon!